Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I strongly complain with tears and rage

Why do you not commit yourselves to really going on record as being really oppossed to abortion-murder? Instead, on this site and every Catholic site I visit, I find that you use only Planned Parenthood euphemisms instead of calling the murdering of innocent persons by the only name that is capable of honoring the humanity of the innocent victums of the most premeditated murder that ever was or ever will be. Abortion is a good, clean, and healing word because it is a medical procedure that can and has save lives. And 'Killing" is what we do to chickens and fish in order to eat feed our children. Killing is not what they do to babies! I suppose it is not polictically correct to call baby-murder by it's real name. But there is no other way to stop abortion-murders if you will not dare call it what it is - no Catholic I know presently believes that what they carefully call "abortion" is, in fact, MURDER! I think you are all moral cowards who are more responsible for the continued existents of abortion-murders than the half insane mothers and providers of cold-blooded murder for money. No one is going to get very excided about a victimless crime - it is not apparent to anybody that you are referring to these mudered babies as if they were real babies - if they just killed one "real" baby a year, you certainly would not hesitate to call it "murder". You are not helping the prolife movement one bit - we would be better off without you. You kill a chicken - that is not what you do to an innocent baby - but that what you are teaching all the Catholics in the world.


Thursday, February 10, 2005

etymology of NOTHING

Seems like if I can figure out the meaning - ultimate meaning of "nothing"(the word), I can find out if there is or there is not a god. Concider... Seems to me, for the first time in my life, that I really can know whether or not there is a God/and/or gods, or not. One day I got to thinking, "If I took a space ship to the edge of the universe, and then went ahead another hundred miles, what would I find? If I found more "universe" then I really would not have found the edge would I? So, would I find NOTHING? No, I would not because nothing doesn't exist, never has, and it never will - otherwise why would it be called nothing? By it's very dictionary definition, nothing can't exist - otherwise, it wouldn't be nothing. It would be 'something'. Something is some-thing, but nothing is no-thing, otherwise it is some thing or other. So, one thing for sure, I would not find NOTHING past the edge of the universe. So then, figuring that out, I can clearly see that the universe has no edge, and, in actual fact, it goes on forever, and never, ever, stops. Since I now have proven to myself that the universe is non-ending, I see that every possibility that can exist, does exist in that endless infinitude. Why not the possibility of God? After all, what does it take to be a God? All you would need is an eternal life pill, and computers to enable you to keep track of all those elements in the swirling universe of collistions and decay that might threaten my ability to control the universe so that it might cause me to be killed, and, there you have it. A God exists somewhere out there in the unlimited universe, and this "God" has less limits on Him than anything else in the universe because He is the only thing in it that never has to change or die or collide or explode or end up in a black hole. Another thing I thought, suppose you took a time machine back to the beginning of time, and then you went back another five minutes? What would you find? Nothing? No, because nothing does not exist and never has existed and never will exist and never can exist - ergo, sad to say, that there is no beginning of time. How could there be? If in the beginning there was nothing, well, you can't make any thing out of nothing. Something just couldn't spring out of what doesn't exist, and never could and never has and never will. So, doesn't that mean that if there ever was a person who had the eternal life pill and the perfect super computers necessay to foil the universe that is always blowing itself up to death, that the universe always had such a person in it? Wouldn't that person be God? But this whole possibility (that this person must exist somewhere in the universe) must be true, if nothing does not exist. But' for sure, this whole possibilty is stretching my mind beyond the poor thing's accustomed limits. It seems impossible, yet it now seems even more possible to me that nothing really does not exist, and if nothing does not exist it means that somewhere in the universe there always was some consciousness that could do anything it wanted, even perhaps, dare I say it, share Its' supply of eternal life pills with someone like me?

Thursday, November 04, 2004

etymologies are the most important definitions

If a word means what it means, then, certainly, we are dealing with etymologies. At this time I am very interested in Jerusalem which is a city historically defined and protected by seven mountains, arranged in a sort of circle, with walls built at various tmes between these small mountains to furish protections to the inhabitants. The names of these small mountains are as follows: Gareb, Acra, Zion, Ophiel, Moriah, Bezetha, Goath (spellings may vary). I need to know what are the most ancient meanings for all these seven famous mountains - what is the basic-most meaning of these seven words?