Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I strongly complain with tears and rage

Why do you not commit yourselves to really going on record as being really oppossed to abortion-murder? Instead, on this site and every Catholic site I visit, I find that you use only Planned Parenthood euphemisms instead of calling the murdering of innocent persons by the only name that is capable of honoring the humanity of the innocent victums of the most premeditated murder that ever was or ever will be. Abortion is a good, clean, and healing word because it is a medical procedure that can and has save lives. And 'Killing" is what we do to chickens and fish in order to eat feed our children. Killing is not what they do to babies! I suppose it is not polictically correct to call baby-murder by it's real name. But there is no other way to stop abortion-murders if you will not dare call it what it is - no Catholic I know presently believes that what they carefully call "abortion" is, in fact, MURDER! I think you are all moral cowards who are more responsible for the continued existents of abortion-murders than the half insane mothers and providers of cold-blooded murder for money. No one is going to get very excided about a victimless crime - it is not apparent to anybody that you are referring to these mudered babies as if they were real babies - if they just killed one "real" baby a year, you certainly would not hesitate to call it "murder". You are not helping the prolife movement one bit - we would be better off without you. You kill a chicken - that is not what you do to an innocent baby - but that what you are teaching all the Catholics in the world.



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